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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Rudy in the All the King's Men Chess Library

Rudy in the All the King’s Men Chess Library

This Chessclub was incredible and had a ton of chess books and sets and boards and clocks. I think they supplied all the schools in the Detroit area so there were a large amount of Gallant Knight type sets and vinyl roll-up boards in many colors. I was especially interested in the old photographs on the walls in every room. Photos of many famous Grandmasters and some not so famous dating back into the late 1800’s. I bought a blue vinyl board and I think Rudy bought some chessbooks. We played a few blitz games with the regulars there which numbered about 8 players. I left my email address and told some guys how to find our Jackson Club at Cottage Inn so we might see a few vistors in the coming months ahead. After Rudy, Doug and I left ” All the King’s Men” Chessclub, we saw the Heidelberg Project which is artworks plastered all over old homes in a few blocks near Detroit. It was great but the years have taken their toll on many of the artifacts on the houses and in the yards. I wish I could have taken pics in the 1st year of the Heidelberg Project. After our encounter with the strange house-art we visited some old bookstores and 2 used record stores. Rudy and I found some great old rock LPs. I picked up CSNY at Filmore East and Humble Pie Smokin and Aqualung and I Robot plus Rare Earth Ecology among others like a Blues Magoo LP ” Psychedelic Lollipop” for only 25 cents! It plays pretty well only a few scratches. All the other LPs wee $1 each at Solo Records at 30118 Woodward in Royal Oak MI. After all our running around we ate at a Middle-Eastern Restaurant. We all has falafa and humus and lentil soup. It was very good. Went well with my hot tea. This is Jimio saying *See you at the Club*


Wonderful Donation to our Chess Club

Wonderful Donation to our Chess Club

During our Club Meeting on Thursday we were all playing chess and watching each others games when all of the sudden Jay tells us some person just walked up to the counter and handed the employees a paper sack full of chess books and said it is for the Jackson Chess Club. I couldn’t believe such a beautiful sight! Over 2 dozen chess books on openings, middlegames and endgames by famous authors of their time. If you notice in the photo that newspaper article on chess. It’s by Bill Bayliss who had a weekly column in the Jackson Citizen Patriot. I have an old clipping from a game he published of mine in the Sunday Cit Pat June 26,1977 and I will post it in a few weeks. This chess book donation couldn’t have happened at a better time also, since we have many young players just learning the finer points of the royal game. Of the 16 players in attendance that night, 6 were young players. We have about 4 female players too so its not just a man’s game. Women have been getting much stronger and it wont surprise me if we see a Women World Chess Champion beating a Man. Many of our members help the younger ones with chess lessons and an instructional game or 2. I love to play them and discuss theory with each move to show the reasoning behind every move. I wish I knew who donated these chess books, the Chess Club would buy them a Pizza and start a tournament in their name. But I know many people are just satisfied knowing they did a great thing for our community. To whoever did this – *We thank you from the bottom of our heart and board and chessmen *