Rudy in the All the King's Men Chess Library

Rudy in the All the King’s Men Chess Library

This Chessclub was incredible and had a ton of chess books and sets and boards and clocks. I think they supplied all the schools in the Detroit area so there were a large amount of Gallant Knight type sets and vinyl roll-up boards in many colors. I was especially interested in the old photographs on the walls in every room. Photos of many famous Grandmasters and some not so famous dating back into the late 1800’s. I bought a blue vinyl board and I think Rudy bought some chessbooks. We played a few blitz games with the regulars there which numbered about 8 players. I left my email address and told some guys how to find our Jackson Club at Cottage Inn so we might see a few vistors in the coming months ahead. After Rudy, Doug and I left ” All the King’s Men” Chessclub, we saw the Heidelberg Project which is artworks plastered all over old homes in a few blocks near Detroit. It was great but the years have taken their toll on many of the artifacts on the houses and in the yards. I wish I could have taken pics in the 1st year of the Heidelberg Project. After our encounter with the strange house-art we visited some old bookstores and 2 used record stores. Rudy and I found some great old rock LPs. I picked up CSNY at Filmore East and Humble Pie Smokin and Aqualung and I Robot plus Rare Earth Ecology among others like a Blues Magoo LP ” Psychedelic Lollipop” for only 25 cents! It plays pretty well only a few scratches. All the other LPs wee $1 each at Solo Records at 30118 Woodward in Royal Oak MI. After all our running around we ate at a Middle-Eastern Restaurant. We all has falafa and humus and lentil soup. It was very good. Went well with my hot tea. This is Jimio saying *See you at the Club*