DSC02075 The new players keep coming in slowly but surely. Right now we have members that are in all ranges of playing strength with some that like a slow hard faught game and others that like fast, but in no way, easy games. The fast games are called “Speed Chess” or “Blitz Chess” or “5 Minute Chess” since we like to use 5 minutes per side on the clock. If your opponent agrees, you can use other time controls: 4 minutes or 3 minutes per side on the clock. Even 1 or 2 minutes per side. A strong play might even offer “Time Odds” of say your 5 minutes to his 3 minutes, to kind of even it up. Sort of the same idea as material odds of giving you a Knight before the game even starts. Some players even like to go over “Problems” in chess books. They usually consist of a mate in so many moves like mate in 3 moves or mate in 5 moves, while other “Chess Problems” are not a mate but will end up winning a Bishop or Rook. If you Love Chess, come on down to Cottage Inn W. Michigan Ave and enjoy a variety of chess games. Pizza, Salad, Cold Pop, TV and Free Wi-Fi avaliable. This is Jimio saying *Cheers in Chess*