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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Recently in one of my correspondence games I fell into a little trouble [well probably bigger than a little] but with a few inaccuracies from my opponent I was able to escape with a draw. Here is the game: Jimio73 [1963] vs chess1izer [1686] 1d4 d5 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4cd5 ed5 5 Bg5 Be7 6 e3 0-0 7 Bd3 c6 8 h3 Nbd7 9 Qc2 Re8 10 Nge2 Nf8 11 g4 b5 12 Ng3 a5 13 Nf5 Bf5 14 Bf5 g6 15 Bd3 Ne6 16 Bh4 Nd7 17 Be3 Qe7 18 h4? Nd4! [Big mistake. I forgot that pawn was pinned and the N hits my Q so not many good squares to go to] 19 Qc1 Ne5 [ Threatening to win B with Nd3 and also Nxd4 so…] 20 Be2 Ne2 21 Ke2 Ng4 [One N took my B and the other N still wins the pawn, now I’m down 2 pawns] 22 Qd5 h5 [22…h5 seems a little slow] 23 Raf1 Rad8 [23 Raf1 I’m just trying to desparately create some sort of fortress] 24 Kd1 f5 25 Ne2 b4 26 Nf4 Kg7 27 Qd4+ Qe5 [Now he gives me a tiny bit of counterplay but it is somewhat risky but at this stage I had no choice but jump into the fire] 28 Qa7+ Re7 29 Qa5 Qb2 [I picked up a pawn and attacked his R on d8, he lets to R go! But he near to my King] 30 QxRd8 Ra7? [This move allows me to draw. I think If I don’t go into this drawing sequence, I will lose fast] 31 Ne6+ Kf7 [ If 31…Kh6? then 32 Qf8! Kh7 33 Ng5# mates and if 31…Kh6? 32 Qf8! Rg7? 33 Qh8 Rh7 34 QxQb2 wins his Q and 31 Nf6+ Kh7 32 Ng5 Kh6 33 Qf8 Qg7 34 Qg7 Kg7 ans I’m up a whole R but still he has a lot of pawns left but hopefully that extra R can help gobble them up and 33 Qf8 Rg7? 34 Qh8 Rh7 35 QxQb2 wins the Q again] So… 32 Ng5 Kg7 33 Ne6+ Kh7 34 Ng5+ Kg7 35 Ne6+ Kh7 36 Ng5+ Kg7= Draw since it is Three Fold repetition of the position. same position shows up 3 times. Sometimes it pays never to give up, you might get a draw and even a win a few times. It has happened for me both ways. This is Jimio saying *Play Chess!*