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Monthly Archives: March 2014

One Third of the Chess "Gang"

One Third of the Chess “Gang”

Getting these guys together is like pulling teeth but I somehow managed to get most of the club together for a kibitz session. I took 2 photos in case the 1 did not turn out and sure enough picture #2 one player was frowning and one player had his eyes closed. This is Jimio saying *Smile for Chess!* :-]


Marc vs Gario

Marc vs Gario

Blitz Chess, sometimes called Speed Chess or 5 Minute Chess or 5 0 Chess [ 5 Minutes with 0 Increment added] is a crazy fun variant of regular normal chess. For instance in blitz chess you dont want to announce “check” because if your opponent leaves his king in check, you simply take it off the board and the game is immediately over, done for -Kaput! Actually there are even faster forms of blitz chess with shorter time controls of like 4 0 or 3 0 but when you get down to 2 0 chess its called “Lightning Chess” because your hands have to move like lightning to keep from losing on time :-] One nice thing about speed chess is you can run a big tournament and get a lot of rounds in since each game can only last a maximum of 10 minutes. Thats about 5 Rds per hour if you leave 10 minutes for setting up each board after the rounds. Another great advantage of blitz chess is you can play many games over and over to try out a certain variation or pet line you have been studying all week. The only problem is, blitz chess can tend to make it difficult to study the game in depth over the board due to the short time span. Some chess coaches frown on too much blitz chess for this reason. I say you need both blitz practice and long term slow chess playing for a proper balance. This is because even in long tournament games, you can still run low on time and then it turns into a blitz frenzy anyways! This is Jimio saying *Chess for Fun* and *Chess for Calculation n Focusing Ability”.