Smile! You’re at the best site ever

Fred Lindsay selling chess books and equipment. He sold stuff at every Michigan Open

Reserve Section Trophies
Gario thinking Hard
Gario drowning his King
Another view of Hotel Room with Chess Set . In these days we had adjourned games and you could study the position before you went back to tournament room and finished the game.
A Round just about to Start – Some “Secret Sauce” in my Soda Can there :-]
Jimio relaxing with a cigar and whiskey in Hotel Room after a Round

Looie Won the Michigan Open in 1987 – That round tin cookie box is for his chess pieces. He’s had that for over 35 years

Lots of Chess Computers for Sale and a few Backgammon Computers also
Over 200 participated in the 1987 Michigan Open
Gario in Top Trophy Room
Jimio thinking [ My clock plunger is up indicating it’s my move]
Looie taking Charge

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