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Many games were 45 moves in 90 minutes on the clock. We used scoresheets to write our moves on and had a chart to calculate our ratings after the game was done. There was a wooden board [called a Ratings Ladder Board] with plastic rectangles which we used a black felt tip marker to put our names and ratings on. The name and ratings could be wiped off easily with a cloth or paper towel. This pic was taken in the early 1980’s

In the window was an old Air-Conditioner that barely worked. All it did was push the cigar and pipe smoke around. The guy in the back is Gario and the guy in the blue shirt and cap is Chessgator. The empty chair with the brown winter coat is Jimio’s Game.
Jackson YMCA Where Chess Club Played
This pic was taken August 2012 and the YMCA has had a new Face-Lift. Those large windows above the “Y” is the Karate Room. Chess Club is to the right out of photo range.

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