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Saint Paul’s Church Tournament in early 1980s

First Table facing camera Dan Boyck and Fred Lindsay. Gario is standing

My first Desktop Computer, an Ocean 286 with Zooom 56k Modem. 18 Postal Chess games going at once on the wall. photo taken in August 1992

Looie was TD and Doug, the Assistant TD at the Saint Paul’s Tournament
Tournament at Saint Paul’s Church in Jackson during the mid 1980’s
Birds Eye View
The Tension could crack a UFO in Half
A very hard fought epic battle
Kitchen Chess Match – Gario vs Chessgator
Here is Gario with the soft glow camera lens on his cousins photo
Gario’s cousin also took my photo with a soft camera lens to make that nice glow effect
This is what a Chess Player does on Vacation
Photo of Gario dome by his Cousin in his Living Room
Jackson Chess Club sign for simul at Westwood Mall
Gario and Jimio in a friendly game
Joe’s Michigan Open Reserve 1st Place Champion Trophy
Jimio and Chessgator with our Trophies
Carl Dane 1957-1996
We are out of Beer?
Cheers |_|D
Chess at Looies Place

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