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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Justin - Sam - Jarred - Jacob

Justin – Sam – Jarred – Jacob

Anissa’s 3 of 5 Boys huddled around the Christmas Tree at the Club with Sam. Was a good tournout with 11 members. Heard some great stories and went over some rather intriguing variations. Cottage Inn had all the decorations up on the walls and on the ceiling. I left a little early to take in some improv music at The Fourth Wall which did a fine job on Arlo Guthrie, Lynard Skynard and Grand Funk. The Chess Club also has some good classic rock coming from the speakers which helps me think. :-] This is Jimio saying *Merry Christmas*


Doug vs Rick

Doug vs Rick

Rick is our newest member of the Jackson Chess Club. I think he and Doug are getting serious because they are trying to purchase a tournament size chess set and board. That would be a King about 3.5″ to 3.75″ tall and board squares about 2.25″ wide. I’m sure some place in town might have a set this size but if not, there are places online where you can order them. Or you could drive to Lansing or Ann Arbor to buy them from a few chess masters or experts who sell sets, equipment and books. The price of gas tho maybe more expensive than postage and handling :-]